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85 stock Bronco in a slo-motion jump Welcome to mud Broncos of Spokane!
This site is made to make a place for my Broncos off of It is also where I want to post pics of all the cool Broncos of the area.
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As many people know, the Bronco in stock form is a very BAD ASS rig that only needs some sweet tires slapped on to be a performance machine off road.

Which Bronco is the best?

Just about everyone who has done anything to any style of Bronco has made a mean machine. Mike Reynolds has the "Rooster" and the "Red Wolf" which are 1978-1979 body style Broncos that he takes to the points races and does incredible stuff with. Several people in the area have incredible early style Broncos. Jerry out of Newport sponsers a 1979 style Bronco that totally whoops butt too.

Myself I have had good luck with the 80's. I have ran the snot out of a stock 1985 with the early EFI 302 and 33X14.00 Boggers. The tires are 1 1/2 inches too wide to run stock class and I still trophy with it regularly.

I also ran a bone stock 300 six in a 1983 Bronco that pulled first at Thunder Canyon 2005. Since it is a six cylinder, it qualified for 4&6 class with it's 300 cubic inches. In all fairness,Byron has a CJ5with a built 258 six that should've whooped me, but luck was on my side that day and I took the prize. I was smart and sold it before I ever had to do the re-match with him!

As an experiment I ran a baby Bronco (BroncoII) at Moyie this year. Cut fenders, 2" wheel spacers and 33X14.00 Boggers chewed its way through a tough mud hole time after time after time. It finally got stuck when the 33's proved to be too big of a tire for the tiny axles!

The "Baby" at Moyie Springs 2005 fall mud bog

Since this site is just put into action it will contain mostly my Broncos until I start getting permission to put other people's Broncos on here too. If you want your Bronco here email me at and I'll put in in here.

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